Social Media Video Content: Case Study (Charts)

social media video contentLooking to expand your audience?
Add social media video content.

While visual content has gained traction over the last couple of years as easy-to-consume, snackable information, expect social media video to jump to the forefront of must-have content types in 2015.

This content trend is fueled by 2 interrelated factors:

  1. Expansion of low (or no) cost, easy-to-create and edit professional looking video options. New filters and apps like Instagram’s Hyperlapse distributed via social media platforms continue to feed this frenzy.
  2. Free distribution and discovery via large social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Vines and Instagram video that enhance reach.

Still need convincing? Look at these video statistics.

  • Online video will reach 1.9 billion users by 2018 making it the most highly penetrated residential service globally (that includes television, music and gaming) according to Cisco. Further, global mobile video users will grow by 2.4 times between 2014 and 2018.
  • 102.2 million smartphone video viewers projected in 2015 up 13.9% from 2014 by eMarketer about half of the digital video viewers are mobile-only.
    Digital Video-emarketer-2014
  • 67 million digital video viewers versus 60 million television viewers in the key 18-34 demographic. As a point of reference, 72% of BuzzFeed video viewers are 18-34.
  • US adults spend 29% more time viewing digital video than TV according to eMarketer.  This makes sense since they watch it at work and on-the-go.Digital video vs tv video-1

Still not convinced? Here are more video content stats and charts.

3 Key social media video content factorssocial media video content

As a marketer, you must appreciate these 3 key factors that differentiate social media video content from other forms of video content:

  1. Social media distributed video exceeds other video distribution based on audience size. This has important implications for increased video content distribution and discovery as well as mobile since a significant portion of social media engagement takes place there. It also creates an earned media audience. Social video vs non social video
  2. Video continues to shrink in length to bite-size chunks. On average people view 2.7 minutes of video. In an age of 6 second Vines and 15 second Instagram Videos, this is no surprise. As I said before: Instagram Short Form Video
  3. Prime time is digital video viewing time based on BuzzFeed data. It’s not just television anymore. (Also social media aids television viewing audiences such as John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight. Here’s an explanation of Oliver’s use of social media.) prime time is Digital video time-chart-buzzfeed -1

Social media video content: Case study

To understand how marketers can leverage the power of social media video content, examine the success of Slikharrtv, a YouTube channel started by identical twins Emil and Rasmus V. Albrechtsen.

Think Michelle Phan for men’s hair.

To-date, the channel has almost 590,000 subscribers and many of its current videos attract millions of views. Social media video content

While this level of success is difficult to attract, you have the ability to build your own successful social video content.

Before you say no, it’s important to point out that the Albrechtsen brothers aren’t hairdressers nor do they own a hair salon!!! Further, they’re Danish and Denmark is a small marketplace.

Here’s what they did that you can do:

  • Found a new niche. Makeup and hairstyling are hot topics on YouTube for women. They took this trend and gave it a new twist.
  • Tapped into hot trends. Slikharr shows viewers how to create the latest hairstyles worn by celebrities. Since social media video content is personal content, they can reach a larger audience than they might with other video formats.
  • Spotlighted products. Each video shows viewers how to get the great looking hairstyles using different hair products.

(BTW–Here are 10 tips to become a video content creator.)

5 Social media video content tips to maximize your results

To maximize your social media video content reach, here are 5 actionable content marketing tips.

  1. Provide the type of content your buyers seek. For video this means showcase your product, teach buyers how to use or style your product, answer their product-related questions and get customer input. (Here’s fuller explanation with examples of the content formats.)
  2. Place social media video content on multiple platforms. Leverage the power of multiple platforms including your own media entities.
  3. Craft a must-stop-and-view headline that includes your keywords. Don’t think that headlines matter? Consider the Upworthy’s curation of Zach Soibech’s video that yielded over 15 million views. (Here’s the lowdown on the wontacular video and tips to improve your titles.)
  4. Make placeholder image attention grabbing. Remember you only get one chance to make a great first impression and get viewers pulled in.
  5. Optimize the related text for search. Bear in mind that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google.

The video landscape is growing and changing. To build your audience, use social media video content to maximize your results.

What has your experience been using these new social media video content options?

Happy Marketing,
Heidi Cohen

P.S. The Albrechtsen twins practice what they preach when it comes to hairstyling. Here’s how they look at breakfast. (I apologize I can’t remember who is who.)

Slikhaar-2 Slikhaar-1

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