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On this episode of the UnPodcast, we talked about audio and other content formats, how to repurpose content, and why cassette tapes aren’t always a bad thing.

We also played a game of “should you leverage that?” which ran the gamut from holidays such as Halloween to untimely deaths in airport parking lots.

In addition to the above, we shared about a generous offer from Receipt Bank, and how you can get a free account.

Just because people are talking about it, doesn’t mean you should leverage it. [Tweet This]


Other topics include:

  • [00:01:52.22] The types of people who do (or don’t) listen to audio books
  • [00:03:09.14] Whether or not authors should narrate their own books
  • [00:03:43.18] Why cassette tapes aren’t always a bad thing
  • [00:04:38.13] How we dropped the ball with this show
  • [00:05:31.01] How content can be repurposed
  • [00:06:11.25] How to bootstrap content creation
  • [00:09:49.17] One of the huge benefits of Kindle books
  • [00:10:35.23] Why Alison’s brand new iPhone is in the kitchen drawer, unused
  • [00:11:29.23] Receipt Bank giveaway
  • [00:16:10.26] A game of “should you leverage THAT?”
  • And so much more. . .

    You shouldn’t have to chase hearses and ambulances to find customers. [Tweet This]


    Items mentioned in this episode

  • Free giveaway: To get Receipt Bank free for a year, all you need to do is cluck like a chicken, say, “Scott and Alison are the best,” and then tweet @UnMarketing, @UnAlison @ReceiptBank to let us know you’d like a chance to win! We’ll pick one random, lucky person as the winner.
  • UnSelling
  • Airport company uses man’s death to pitch its services

    Video provided by: AtomicSpark
    Audio recorded by: Wayne Cochrane Sound

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