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On this episode of the UnPodcast, we talked about how tweets are public, and that people should be prepared to accept the consequences – both good and bad — of their tweets. We also discussed how impressions on Twitter are a lie, and that they don’t hold a candle to real analytics.

Other topics include:

  • What our show is NOT called [00:02:37.03]
  • How the list industry works [00:04:46.18]
  • What you should always do if you purchase a mailing list[00:07:17.02]
  • What you don’t sell to a 22-year-old [00:08:25.21]
  • The value of a name and address [00:09:33.02]
  • The return of Moron Mountain [00:11:14.26]
  • Reasonable expectations regarding the outcome of a tweet [00:17:18.04]
  • The true meaning of free speech [00:18:06.12]
  • When you should stand up for your brand or employees [00:20:31.03]
  • The worst thing about Twitter [00:21:13.11]
  • The problem of people trying to take ownership of hashtags [00:26:20.17]
  • Why impressions on Twitter are a lie [00:29:22.08]
  • The need for proper analytics [00:31:39.11]
  • How to mute what you don’t want to see on Twitter [00:38:27.08]
  • The biggest problem with scheduling on Twitter [00:43:32.05]
  • And so much more. . .

    Items mentioned in this episode

  • OfficeMax Blames Data Broker For ‘Daughter Killed in Car Crash’ Letter [00:02:59.13]
  • Man Buys Promoted Tweet to Complain About British Airways [00:22:02.04]
  • EasyJet threatens not to let passenger board after he criticises airline on Twitter [00:14:28.10]
  • Text messages warn Ukraine protesters they are ‘participants in mass riot’[00:18:06.12]
  • JPMorgan’s #AskJPM Twitter Hashtag Backfires Against Bank [00:23:20.14]
  • Narrative PR Take Blogger Meet-Ups to the Next Level[00:29:00.15]
  • UnPodcast episode 18: The Present and Future of Facebook [00:37:12.17]
  • Tweet Bot iPhone app [00:38:27.08]
    Video provided by: AtomicSpark
    Audio recorded by: Wayne Cochrane Sound

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